Here schools should represent a space of training in which sit on freedom and happiness to learn and enhance everything that as human beings has for students. For this purpose Gallegos (2008:57) points out that: schools of the 21st century must seem more a family than a manufactures, based on meaningful human relationships. This with the purpose that the processes that live there are centered on students, to develop their full potential in a comprehensive manner. To be possible the above mentions that there is a third epistemological relationship is the relationship sujeto-sujeto, which is the human, cultural and significant relationship between subjects and that this human subjectivity as the passion, values, meanings, love, solidarity, moral etc., is only possible through a dialogical relationship, in double direction and that school through learning communities can make it possible, this change of concept and function of the school. (Gallegos 2008: 40) The school plays a determining factor in the formation of subject them and although it is true that the first training in values is obtained at home as already mentioned above, the school is their second home where children and/or students living much of his life. However to change the focus of training in the educational facilities, it is necessary participation and work that teachers do with learners, since these will have to be spiritual beings and simple, humble in the sense that they perceive in a relationship of equality and fraternity with the other (Gallegos2007:29) is essential to note that make possible and operate all the changes in education and training referred to in it is up to them is thereforeIt is urgent that teachers are the first to form in this way so they can project it on their students and each one of the things that made. To form as educators holistas will have to assume a postconventional ethics code and an intelligent action based on democracy, peace, the dialogue and reconciliation (2008: 129 Gallegos) what is indispensable since I reiterate that teachers must evolve in the spiritual consciousness, so that they achieve to have the same results as they on students who attend, what eventually would transform life and their way of take it of the members that make up the society. .