Fukushima Delay

After taking stock of the mergers it believes that there will be a long delay. The homecoming evacuees will also be delayed, therefore. A tropical storm comes to the Fukushima area Monday. The Japanese electric TEPCO, operator of the ailing central Fukushima, believes now impossible to stabilize the plant before the end of the year after taking stock about partial mergers detected at the reactors 1, 2 and 3 this month. Although the damage in these three units still must analyze in depth, representatives of electrical explained late yesterday that they will surely mean a long delay in the work to control the central. On May 17 TEPCO revised his plan to solve the crisis in Fukushima and assured that the four reactors affected by the earthquake and the tsunami of March 11 would regain the cooling in summer and they would be taken to stop cold possibly in October, although they not discounting that the process will extend until January 2012. Discharges of water the new balance of the company points to a possible delay, which in turn will also delay the return to their homes of the hundreds of thousands of evacuees from the villages that surround the plant, according to a company representative told Kyodo.

One of the main problems of TEPCO are discharges of contaminated water that are preventing technicians to come on-site to install refrigeration systems. TEPCO believes that water can come from perforated vessels for reactors, but even he could not determine it safely or has managed to seal any leak. A tropical storm this adds the arrival Monday of a Fukushima strong tropical storm, which meant that the electric use extreme caution to avoid an increase in leaks by rain and wind. TEPCO has installed dikes of sandbags and moved the cranes that help stabilize the reactors and has ensured that if the rains are very intense all operations, except for surveillance, they stop at the ailing plant. Technicians had to reset also this weekend the 5 reactor coolant system, which came to surpass the 94 degrees Celsius temperature standing during 15 hours because of a possible failure of the electrical system source of the news: TEPCO believed impossible to stabilize Fukushima in due time, before the end of year