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If equipped with air-conditioning system of a zonal channel management, you can create a personalized treatment for each room. Similar equipment offered by the companies Carrier, Trane (USA) and others. From Other smart features worth noting self-diagnosis function: the status of the system elements can be obtained on the control panel or monitor screen. In addition, with the help of GSM-devices (their presence provides For example, the company DeLonghi) the owner of the channel air-conditioner will be able to manage them via mobile phone. Carriers of heat if the boiler and automation are responsible for the proper establishment and regulation of the heat, his delivery – a competence pipelines. Typically, the use of steel or galvanized pipe imposes several limitations: working with them requires a certain skill, and in general, similar systems (metal exposed to corrosive processes) can be attributed to the most reliable.

Higher performance characteristics are polymeric pipes. Thus, metal pipes mounted by pressing or threaded connections without welding. This allows reduce the cost of installation. Along with the well-known in the Russian market there are also new polymer systems. You can select from the cpvc pipe (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) – a modern high material for hot and cold water and heating. One of the main advantages of cpvc pipe – this is the lowest among the plastic coefficient of linear expansion. Because of this property is possibility of laying pipes in concrete and under the plaster. Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride – a strong, rigid material, the use of which there is no "slack" in the pipe work with hot water.