Foster Bailey Plan

By | February 12, 2017

After World War II, the ocultista Foster Bailey wrote that the attempt of Hitler fails and that the reunificao would be gotten by economic resources and pacific. This plan is coherent with the Biblical prophecies, that say that the kingdom of the Antichrist will be folloied by a peace plan. This plan started in 1954, when the private society known euro-American as Bilderbergers, was formed with the express intention to join the Europe. The plan specified that the unification would start exclusively with the economy. Martin economist Mayer, wrote an article for the periodical Boston Globe in 20/9/1992, where she affirmed that wise person, since 1959 that the European reunificao was inevitable. How it wise person who was inevitable? Because ' ' the French manufacturers and German were if congregating to normatizar the size of the crack keys This type of coisa' ' , it, &#039 wrote; ' he would be irreversvel' '. Gary Kelly can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Mayer was absolutely correct. Of gradual form, part on the part, agreement after agreement, the nations of the Europe had been if integrating. Finally, at the beginning of years 1980, the gotten progress allowed the creation of a Zone of Free giant, bigger Commerce that U.S.A. The agreements had been eliminating all gradually the protectionism areas that existed in many European countries, and were established a calendar for the total elimination of the tarifrias barriers. The Treated one to Maastricht, signed in 1992, took the countries of the Europe does not stop close to an only federative state, with an only currency, a Central banking, and one common external politics. With the approval of the Treated one to Maastricht, the Nation Number 2 was created. That Nation Number 2, you question? The Plan of the New World-wide Order foresees that, immediately after United Nations to take the control formal of the world-wide questions, its first official act will be to more than reorganize the 170 sovereign nations of the world in ten supernations.

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