Forwarding With Tank And Wash And 31 Truck Trailer Appears

Forwarding 31 truck trailer auction shipping with its own tank and wash and 31 truck trailers reach the auction are only 14 days since the big Opel auction in Verl, the ZDF had on Tuesday, July 7th, um17: 15: 00 in the show Hello Germany a reportage about this auction broadcast has passed and already received the publicly appointed and sworn auctioneer Detlef Jentsch from Gutersloh another large order. The auction reached a complete freight forwarding operation with its own tank and truck washer and an office building on a plot of approx 9000 sq. The market value of alone of the commercial property is valued to 2.35 million. The exclamation just 900,000. Approx. Tiger Global Management spoke with conviction.

31 large trucks are also trailers of various brands. The starting prices are a separate list to see.