Undeniably the power of words significantly influences the life of human beings and their welfare. Our results in life will build on the direction of our thoughts, our choices and our actions. If these thoughts are loaded on the negative side, very likely the feelings and emotions that provokes a dramatic mental image, are frustration, oppression, depression, anger, etc., experiencing such emotions subtracted us capacity to confront and respond to large and small everyday challenges of life. The difficulty is not in the problems that we face, but in the way in which we assume them. How many people in the development of their day to day activities, assume for if same, really negative assertions, that creates them an environment of catastrophe. I have no money I have many debts that bad luck I have do not see output to the hole I am worth more dead that alive these claims are repeated over and over again during the day and up awake them at night, with enormous concern, each repetition potentiates these statements and reinforces these misconceptions. Statements scheduled your mind, it is the food that you’re giving your brain. Learn technical strategic for the development of inner directed and deliberately, and handling emotions, is a more intelligent and creative way to face life.

The only reason why people don’t get what they want is because they think more of what you don’t want, in what they want. Listen to your thoughts and your words, analyzes what you say to yourself, take a sheet of paper and has two columns, one side writes all those negative that recursively you’ve repeated and affirmations in the other column, writes his counterpart, bone the equivalent positive of each one of them. There are statements that help you to assume the life of a more constructive way, integrate them to your way of talking to yourself, here some examples: I choose Open me to the abundance I cover my carefree spending and cleverly I am grateful for all the abundance and all the good things I have in my life love prosperity and I open it I choose feel me care for my source divine and by life I see myself and I assume as a powerful person, healthy and satisfied my ways always open to the best solutions for my life Formula your own assertions, and deliberately, head to your life more enjoyable results.