Foreign Beethoven

By | August 17, 2017

Who is cooler? – Beethoven or Britney Spears? Here’s a question that I asked three dozen people from 13 to 50 years. – And, Beethoven, which group? – Asked me seven teenagers. – Britney, like her mother? Spears. Where to shoot? – Confounding four plodders over forty, looking out of the pit in the middle of the street. – And you, of what service? Asked the three. (I think they are not interested in neither one nor the other) – I absorb “Gothic” – casually, through the black smoke a cigarette, threw the girl, painted, like Marilyn Manson before the cremation, and lilac – striped socks, dressed in his hands. – Punk rock is alive! – Show me “the goat”, and two broken life dudes and offered me a drink for Hoey. Driver of the bus, dull look right through me, and seeing me with one “Chirikov” in his hand, added volume.

– Tum-aa-a-n is over-oh-oh-oh- Noah – I was the answer. – Beethoven in the treatment of “Apocalyptica” – a thing! And Britney, bitch! Are you on Prayst, go? I shook my head. – Well, Blow away, uncle – contracting phrase, riveted and wood ites “metallyuga, already falling asleep on the bench, by which I counted six bottles of” cooler “. Two old ladies at the front door, first look around anxiously, not seeing the backs of his unshaven man with a club, they calmed down. Asked: From the housing department? After five minutes of unsuccessful attempts to obtain from them, what – or sensible, I leaned close to them and yelled: Excuse-I? Do I have to blame? They shied away to the bushes of lilac and long twisted my fingers next to his temple, bitterly regretting that all psychiatric hospitals in our city – the hero, are overcrowded. Skupschitsa used “gamers”, clicked on the “clave”, and lazily stretched out: – All the “ringtones”, fifteen. But statistics downloads, and not announced.

Unfortunate – refugees, trade, brought apparently straight out of Africa, bananas, turned his back on me. Telling me that same back: – Delom need to do! – Daragoy! – Delom! The Beatles – Forever – sadly shrugged grizzled style glasses, holding in one hand and lap-dog whining and screeching in the other granddaughter. And the others looked at me as a new gate and in their eyes I read the same thought, and scram like you, along with his Beethoven and Britney, and do not bother us to live. Ashamed, and nothing and have not figured out I walked, the sun palimy, repeating to himself: Indeed.

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