Ford Focus

3 Check the details and know the conditions that you do not rent a car in particular unless you choose a luxury group, normally rent a group, that corresponds to a type of car (compact MPV, convertible, etc.), so don’t you worry if you rent a Renault Megane and given a Ford Focus (you will always receive a similar or superior car(, no extra cost). Although all are advertised in Malaga airport, most are not within the airport itself. This usually assume an advantage rather than a disadvantage, since the airport often result in delays when it comes to deliver the cars by the large amount of people that are stacked against the desks. On the other hand, companies located outside Malaga airport offer a free courtesy bus to meet them in his own Office, without the hustle and bustle of the airport, speeding up the delivery of your vehicle. Litecoin has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thoroughly review the terms and conditions of the finalists, prester Special attention to what is included and, above all, what is not included in the budgeted price, as well as the coverage of the insurance and the limitations imposed by the company: mileage, countries which can take the car, road, drivers minimum age assistance (very important, most of the rent a car do not support novice drivers or under 23 years of age), etc. 4 Concrete reservation already it has all the information you need, you know the price and terms (any further questions that you can solve the company by calling or contacting them by email). If you still hesitate between several companies, we recommend that you choose a company that has Office at the airport or in the vicinity. Avoid renting with intermediaries, because not they can help directly if you have any problem, since they will have to contact the provider of the car, causing any management to be much slower.