Mr. Rodrigo, is the Someone of the bakery here such. He would like to inform he has that you five pezinhos daily pay-approved here. Could give one to you passadinha to catch them here? To the nine of the morning, I take care of the telephone again. Mr. Rodrigo, is of aougue such here, would like to inform you he has that one kilo and way of daily pay-approved worn out duckling. Gives one passadinha here to catch it, ok? Half day and again the telephone. Mr.

Rodrigo, is of the store of footwear such here, would like to inform he has that you a pair of ostrich leather boots daily pay-approved here with us. The one that comes you to hours to search? My Agnes candy, I received others as many telephones from this naipe throughout the day and, as if it could not be more strange, to the ten of the night it bound the Amarelinha Hen to me. Mr. Rodrigo, is the Amarelinha Hen here and I work in the Watanabe farm. He would like to inform that I have an egg in the cloaca already daily pay-approved Mr. Please, the one that comes you to hours to search it so that I can provide the position? As you can well imagine, Agnes my flower of ltus, was tired of the telephonic insistence and said to the bird that impossible age, therefore hens do not speak.

The poor Hen said me to Amarelinha that Mr. Watanabe was very brave therefore in the current year the profit of the farm had grown only thirty percent in relation to the previous year and that if they (the penosas) did not stimulate the sales, they would turn Knorr broth. I relativized saying that I understood its situation, that the life is hard, that all we have accounts payable and that we need to make money. But then I counted my day all for the Hen and I asked to it if, although the necessity to gain the life, it would like to live in a world where the people lived to the telephone being informed of all the products daily pay-aprovados' '. You unite, Agnes, my small grasshopper, you would like to live thus in a world? ' ' You you you you you tu' '