Focus Solution

Said a teacher if you have how to solve a problem, do it now, take off your top, and if no solution also remove you from above because that is not a problem most importantly always in how you see things, the optics that is given to the topic in this treacherous world, nothing is true or is a lie, everything is according to colorCrystal with which our life looks is what you make of it, many people make the mistake of focusing on the problem, not knowing that gives you greater relevance and strength to this problem.., grows in our mind and not for and there comes a time, that really the tree prevents us from seeing the forest. Be part of the solution is what you need to look for…, not be part of the problem. How? Do view you as you want to be, visualize you as you want to see things resolved.., not in the way that everything will happen, but only in the solution, in the result view you you happened? someone who know questions you simply How are you? and then comes a barrage of explanations for their problems, personal misfortunes, complaints, etc problems there are always depends on the approach that one gives you if you think about it as opportunities for change and improvement is a good start focusing on the solution rather than the problem. Focusing your attention on something that something grows!. And if that something proposed solution also grows and becomes reality! The power of the approach to results changes the perspective on things. The use of language in a positive way, making us the right questions, those that solve problems. How can I do it? What is the objective?