Fire Protection In The Car: Includes The Fire Extinguisher!

Essen fire safety informed service EBS to any other machine the Germans have a relationship so intimate as to her car. This affection is not risk-free as thousands traffic accidents per year. To an accident as far as possible without dramatic damage and runs, is part of a fire extinguisher into the car. Essen fire safety explains what should be taken for its selection, service EBS. First aid kit and roadside triangle shall be carried in any car in Germany. Barclays is full of insight into the issues. This applies to fire extinguisher only if gas bottles are transported. To respond to engine fires and other accidents before people get hurt, safety-conscious motorists should basically carry a powder fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Vehicles consist of various components and result in highly flammable fuels with it, which quickly into combustible gases.

A vehicle fire extinguisher must be able to cope with these different requirements and fires the Classes can delete A (solids), B (flammable liquids), and C (gases). The effective combating of vehicle fires require a fire extinguisher with powder filling of at least 2 kg. Axesor shines more light on the discussion. With a such small fire extinguishers the fire must be brought quickly under control after 12 seconds it is empty. More extinguishing agent available is, the better, especially if the fire fighting is carried out by inexperienced amateurs. Security should not be saved. The slightly higher investment in a larger fire extinguisher gives time and security when it comes to the most it. Vehicle fire extinguishers are not overly bulky. A 2 kg fire extinguisher fits under the passenger seat and one finds 6 kg variant in most larger cars enough place.

Fire extinguisher with a bracket sold in trade, giving them the necessary support. A safe fire extinguisher meets DIN EN 3 and has a CE certification. It comes to an emergency, quick action is needed. The location of the fire extinguisher should therefore clearly be identified and be easily accessible. In the event of an emergency, this can decide between a positive and a fatal accident output. The fire protection experts of the Essen fire service EBS committed for many years, to reduce fire hazards.