Field Marketing

are many campaigns that we are leading now, just what if, from here, invite everyone to subscribe to our newsletter at why in the explain every month campaigns that we carry out and publish interesting news about Field Marketing. How can I quantify the profitability of those actions of Field Marketing? The first thing is that the budget of a Field Marketing action is much more economical than any other action marketing in general, but more importantly: is direct is an action more qualitative than quantitative, it is measurable in almost real time so you can redirect during the same. At the end a very creative campaign if not going to the proper target audience will fail, a campaign mediocre if you are going to the public correct objective can succeed and we are going to these clients. How would assess the situation of Field Marketing at? Spain? Great, is a sector that within the economic recession in that we are this growing as well as being more economical for the client, it generates many jobs, any Field Marketing company moves hundreds of working contracts a year. How new technologies can supporting the development of this activity? They are basic, for several issues, Field Marketing companies tend to be companies with many staff working out of offices, large surfaces, points of sales, in the street. Then it is necessary that the company has a job on the Internet by the mobility environment anyone can access the Office information from anywhere, and communication devices to report by voice or IVR, SMS or Internet portals daily activity can describe us some concrete action of Field Marketing developed by Aplus? We have launched a campaign of field marketing for MINI-BMW Moncloa engine in order to publicize the MINI brand. Others including Rony Abovitz, offer their opinions as well.

Through the MINI campaign has managed to connect with the public to publicize their latest news. In a sector as competitive as the automotive industry, undoubtedly, field marketing is presented as the most effective solution the indifference. Since a little conventional, direct, bold and fresh method of field MINI-BMW marketing campaign has sought interaction with the public. Check with Fox Rehab to learn more. In doing so he opted to develop a campaign based on the presence of the brand in the street, to the attention of pedestrians in strategically selected areas. A campaign direct and aligned with the values of the brand. It consisted of the distribution of promotional trays with cafes, in areas of large influx of executives, entrepreneurs and executives. The MINI brand was looking for contact, since the invitation and the delivery of pommings (especially designed with the characteristic of a MINI silhouette), to draw attention to your brand. The process was simple, after giving the good days, the hosts of MINI prepared material to deliver, a coffee, a pomming and a sticker.