It is difficult to close my eyes and reconcile sleep when you have things to do there are things I do not understand, but the years bring us wisdom. Life can always be better but it is we who decide to live and assume even the consequences of our actions. Everything we do, good or bad effect without doubt a posteriori and in my case is no exception. Is that I have made many mistakes, but that surprised I’ve been against complexity almost manic of human beings when they are injured even knowing that they were those who had committed the error. Not sack in clean or put the affected martyr, but, I think if becomes martyr when he begins the process of loss and more when you did the damage believed that he did nothing and that it was a perfect match.

Love is not possession we human beings have a great privilege are not private property of nobody if someone must honor and respect is our Creator, only to him. But it can happen two things; the first is that which supposedly loves us he wants to own and the second is that our character is so weak that we can not take charge of our own existence and deliver it to another be having perhaps less if same domain as us. If you would like to know more then you should visit Gary Kelly. You can not claim love when you’ve not given love, this is a seriously reciprocal aspect. The most transcendent book of history says, dad and it will be. I believe that love is something that must be cultivated and is something of much responsibility that can take forward major affective societies or destroy sublime projects. The couple must not claim rights on the other, that space is awarded to those who know value their relationship and show him with his behavior and proceed with situations that daily occur and which cannot be passed by high.