You optimize your art the art of talking and listening to executives talk much and often. They often leave the silence to others. Unfortunately, sometimes an error may be indicated. Through focused silence, executives can achieve more effect than initially thought. The silence of the concentration is conducive. Instead of answering immediately impulsively, valuable time can obtained by selective silence, where ordered thoughts and responses formulated.

On the other hand, a (deliberately) silent leadership elicits frequently more information than a speaking his interlocutor. “According to the motto: A look says more than 1000 words” conversation breaks of the targeting can be beneficial. Often interlocutors to talk feel animated. In negotiations, a pause can irritate the opposite. The silent eye contact is sometimes unsettling. In the sales pitch to get the really interesting information often, if you in addition to skilled Questioning techniques insert strategic pauses. One can be witnessed the colleagues opposite interest by silence.

If one inserts a pause at the right time and encouraging nods to his interlocutor, intensified the impression of being a good listener. This arouses sympathies in the conversation partner. You can learn the art of correct silence. The Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man offers communication seminars for professional and managerial staff. In particular, the seminars of rhetoric, as well as negotiations are offered here. There, the participants will learn how they improve your rhetorical skills and strengthen their narrative and assertiveness. Important points of the seminars topics include: building a speech, increase the ability of speech, body language and quick wit. The Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man like to personally advise you about achieving your goals at Tel: 0251 / 202050. visit you website: press contact: Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man woman Dr. Jana Volkel Kitz man Dorpatweg 10 48159 Munster + 49 251 202050 watch? v = IUKWvi5VYY