Excellent Job Prospects

By | March 19, 2014

Survey of personnel consultancy of Tan to the labour market of Finance of Hamburg, in July 2012. The labour market for professionals from the financial, accounting and management offers over the next five years good to very good prospects: considerably more than every third company (37 percent) plans new hires within the finance departments, in particular the small and medium-sized businesses increase their workforce. Accountant and bilanzsichere controllers are particularly in demand. In the finance and accounting is slightly less tense complained every second company representatives a shortage of workers and in controlling the situation, 33 percent of respondents believe that there is also a lack of qualified candidates. These are the results of a recent survey of recruiters of Tan to the labour market of finance, in 347 specialists and managers, especially from the finance and human resources departments of corporations, larger medium-sized companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), took part. The aim of the Tan survey was the specific challenges and medium-term developments of the labour market for professionals from the financial accounting and controlling to work out.

Overall more than 70 percent of the respondents think the labour market prospects in the finance sector at least good in even one in five expects a very good development. Most are new hires within the next two years to be expected in the balance sheet accounting: this represented 19 per cent of the responses, followed closely by the financial accounting with 18 percent. Also for the finance controlling the respondents expect additional staff (14 per cent of responses). Overall, it is however in the more labour-intensive financial and accounting with more new hires to be reckoned as in controlling. So also accounts payable and accounts receivable accountant are the sought-after candidates for new positions. Controllers are lacking especially specialists, not on generalists at least every third participant of survey (33 percent) for the sees a lack of controlling specialists Majority (49%) no matter the lack of professionals in this area.

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