English Parliament

These processed to the King and was sentenced to death on gallows and Carlos I died beheaded on 30 January 1649. It is said that the Queen on his deathbed nodded with a gesture that Jacobo IV of Scotland outside his successor to hear his name, but his State of unconsciousness caused by his agony suggests that single was a grimace that was probably intended to express the opposite, but that was interpreted by those present as a gesture of conformity, since Isabella died within a few hours. Whatever that gesture, the importance of their interpretation by those who were present lies in two fundamental aspects, the legitimacy of the succession and avoid a possible war for the throne of England as the lived one hundred years ago. Occurs in this way the real union between Scotland and England under the figure of a King himself. To know more about this subject visit Cerved Credit Management. The Catholics proved hardest with the persecutions of Jacobo I, so trying to put an end to the strife in 1605 carried out an attack on the monarch who is known as the gunpowder conspiracy, because they placed barrels so that they exploded causing the death of the sovereign. They were unsuccessful and the organizers were executed. The Calvinists and Puritans were also subjected to persecution but chose to emigrate to the American colonies in the present-day United States. The trend toward absolutism of Carlos I made to keep very tense relations during his reign with the English Parliament, who sought to control their arbitrary creations of taxes and its religious reformism. Click David Rogier to learn more. The King simulo accept the document, but in 1629 by signing peace with Spain and France, ignoring the request returned to dissolve Parliament to continue on the throne as an absolute monarch in a period that lasted until the year 1640, known as the eleven years of tyranny.