Easy2Post – The New Way To Write Letters

Letters posted online, delivered by mail write letters is often necessary. But sometimes it’s also fun, something to tell a loving people. Read more here: Verizon Communications. But who does not know the problems? No postage stamp, the post office closed and where is the next letter box? Easy2Post helps you with modern Internet technology the ancient tradition of letter writing to rediscover.Write comfortably on your own computer, directly in the online Tekstverarbeitungssystem by Easy2Post. We provide for further processing: the printing, enveloping and shipping via Deutsche Post. For 1.10, you can send a letter including postage stamp. There are no hidden costs.

Many extras process you your own text or make use of the various pattern letters providing Easy2Post. Beautify your letters with own photos or illustrations. There are too many possibilities. As a registered user of Easy2Post, you will also have access to your own archive, which is accessible only to you. The secrecy of correspondence is fully respected.

In your archive, you can at any time: your (concept) letters see, further processing or download onto your own computer. Create a separate address book, so that you have your addresses always online available. Find out for yourself.