Each More

Cade you Each time more are looking at for my side and see only people, friends and company is good, but already I am feeling lack of some thing, sensation to be ‘ ‘ imperfeito’ ‘ on the inside, only walking not having where to only arrive rested in the infinite of the imagination but walking without where knowing to stop and of the one time, to reflect; what I really want for me and to leave the world of the fancy to know in the soul and the skin ‘ ‘ pain, sadness, love, passion ‘ ‘ wanting you, why thus I go to grow each time more I am to be more prepared to live, but I does not give up you more early or later find I you to know you and to say how much waited I you to have plus a reason of wanting to live, when I eye in the mirror see well green a forest ready to blossom and to show you who I can know to live better with you to my side.