E-commerce Needs Social Media

Tenth Flashfactory by Burda digital systems in Karlsruhe to social networks, shopping on the net of social commerce, and the question of how companies can use the new possibilities for themselves, was the tenth Flashfactory von Burda digital systems in Karlsruhe. Managing Director Gerhard Thomas had invited industry experts to the second round of the University City. Friedrich Bardt from XING made by SWR economy editor Ruth Boekle moderated panel round, Axel Schmiegelow by Sevenload, Matthias Roth of Burda digital systems and Michael Wanje Burda direct interactive on the basis of examples, how much has changed the communication for companies and users on the Internet and also new possibilities in the field of E-commerce consulting. (As opposed to Bill O’Grady). Social media developed explosively”stressed Schmiegelow. You rapidly increasing number of users of social networks, such as for example XING, Facebook, or Twitter and consequently also the communication between users and advertisers on these platforms. How E-Commerce and social media Social commerce is finally, proves the Sevenload video platform as an example: we collect content, which not only look at the users, but about which they can replace with others. “They can also order something say a recommendation immediately translate into a purchase”, so Schmiegelow. Our practice shows in building online shop solutions and communities again and again, that the customer today higher rated a recommendation as a werbliches product range”, added Matthias Roth. Bearing in mind that social media reaches now significantly many people, was the unanimous conclusion of the round, that companies need to act. The first step is the internal conflict and central control within the company. Contact: Kerstin Schmidt-Ott Burda digital systems-Hubert-Burda-Platz 2 77652 Offenburg, Germany phone: 0781 843223 fax: 0781 843059