Dubai And UAE – Cheap International Calls

a temporary befristetete local phone number within the UAE tourists or business travelers who visit Dubai and the other Emirates within the United Arab Emirates, from immediately a “local”number for the duration of your stay eligible. The leading telephone company “Etisalat” offers the service for 90 Arab dirhams, equivalent of 16 euros, valid for 90 days. In addition the visitor receives credits as a small gift equivalent 6 euros directly on the map. The actual costs 10 euro just once. The investment should pay off thus also for short stays – just a few days. The SIM card with an own local phone number to get far in all “Etisalat” UAE branches, directly at the airport and in the Duty Free Shop. “Ahlan decorated specially for visitors” (= welcome) service allows all types of communication at the international level. At gas stations and supermarkets the SIM can be recharged card “prepaid card system” jedereit.

A 1 minute international call, E.g. Germany will cost then approx. 40 euro cents, an SMS can be send to cents for less than 15 euros. The map automatically loses their validity after 90 days and can be destroyed. For more information and other tips, see in English and German language. Sabrina Gabriel press – and public relations tours & Trax Dubai Tel 00971 50 873 70 54