DSL Comparison In English

Great DSL comparison launches English version more and more people come for a longer stay, for living, studying or working after Germany. A fast Internet connection is essential for all. However, there are not one, but a variety of ISPs with relatively hard-to-facing through DSL tariffs in Germany. That is why the free DSL comparison portal is now launching preistipp.de an English-language version, to these people, to introduce the German Internet market and to facilitate the choice of the correct Internet connection. The comparison portal presents not only the single Internet provider, but the Portal provides a clear comparison.

The extensive DSL price comparison is designed to that rate can be determined at a glance of the cheapest or fastest DSL. The most important criteria can be queried using the intuitive search function. Immediately, the comparison shows the individual rates of the Internet provider. Decide whether all criteria should be displayed, or select her special settings for Internet connection via DSL or cable, DSL speed, or single flat rates. Depending on the priority, compared to the product features as well as contractual details and prices in search results and sorted for the best deals. In addition, the user in the English-speaking guide will useful tips around the topic of Internet in Germany by the connection speeds, required hardware to information what to note is with the termination and change of provider.