Directors Frank Knauer

Board of Directors Frank Knauer recommends: return rather than crisis Beiersdorf-Freudenberg, 28.02.2010 – inflation, it comes creeping. She comes first unnoticed. Then getting faster and faster… Hyperinflation – destroyed you all savings and assets. You rages, until the money only as much worth as a stack of paper.

But there is still a way out. There is a way to bring your money safely through the inevitable chaos of hyper-inflation. The Board of Directors which energy cooperative Freudenberg EC, Frank Knauer, warns a massive decline of most securities. Private investors invest in contrast to institutional investors who are responsible for the current financial crisis in large part due to positive news increasingly in shares. This overlooks the valley floor of the crisis the economic experts, only still come see. While the professionals quickly skim off the profits and then goodbye, Miss many retail investors to the first signs of the next bear market and then stand in the rain.” Knauer sees in his view by renowned financial experts encouraged. All plead with private investors for an investment in tangible assets, which are protected in case of emergency so also in quite valuable kind. A major difference to share papers, which in the case of hyper-inflation, no longer their paper are worth.

Frank Knauer is the energy cooperative of Freudenberg in Brandenburg, Germany. She is committed to the goal, to make independent of the world market for crude oil. This projected she currently several production plants for diesel fuel of CEHATROL brand, one according to DIN EN 590 produced biofuel of II generation. Due to its synthetic properties, he is easily, etc. can be used in all diesel engines, block heat and power plants. Cooperative members receive free or at least the diesel fuel production costs. These are among the half of today’s regular diesel prices. And that, after all, so long at least as until the end of 2015, the statutory exemption. Therefore, a commitment in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can as investment in tangible assets, because even in hyper-inflation the deposits of cooperative members due to the property would remain easily in their value. Board of Directors Frank Knauer: Build a factory for the production of biodiesel with us! So get not the factory, you get something much more valuable: liquid gold. “… and gold was always been crisis-proof” more information on the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC see. Helmut Uhlig