Design Bureau

Design – an industry infinity. For a successful start and development of creative offices or design studio is now good times. In different studies, the need for good design in the mass of the population growing every year. In the early nineties, a new profession in the labor market – the designer. The main activities of design studio can be divided into three broad categories. The first two of the most creative, let's call them conventionally "creative" and "design". The third category is a simple, technical, call it "redesign." The design studio is committed to the client to perform those and other works, because as a rule, large creative design pulls a series of mandatory technical projects. By category, "creative" and "design" are works in which the designer has a great opportunity for self-realization.

It is required redefining the problem, generating ideas, selecting materials, illustration, photography, etc. These are the work of creative studio put up for contests and publish in their brochures, it was their proud demonstrate to potential clients and competitors, they form a level of image and design studio. The category of "redesign" include such works in which the designer to put stringent requirements and clearly certain technical requirements. In other words, a designer requires beautifully arranged on the format of the required elements of advertising media. In working with corporate clients to consider the behavioral customer reaction to services provided by developing the proposed design. It is important to meet customer expectations with respect to the order. You can offer highly artistic abstract thing, but the client does not need it. Stimulation of the designer should consider the quality of the proposed design within the corporate client task. But the level design must be very high, otherwise you will lose a competitive advantage in market creative-design services.