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The same applies for the life trust one, which essentially focused on the financing of premiums. A long-term hold of policies was not envisaged in this respect. Transaction under third party”legally all transactions of life Trust Fund for the purpose of the portfolio optimization took place between third parties and keep even a third-party comparison. Buyers are referred to as third party”from law point of view, that same no majority and controlling shareholder or have tax compared economically real inter food opposed. Thus, even policies sales among are to consider life Trust Fund as sales to third parties. This is expressly referred in the brochures. Off Investors point of view it is essential that sales between the were life Trust Fund at any time to market.

The respective assessment of the policies it resulted from the longevity expectations that experts have been confirmed, and the premiums to be paid over the period. The evaluation approaches that here used BAC were by the world’s leading insurance consulting firm Tillinghast Towers Perrin”inspected and certified.Starting in 2007, the life invested Trust Fund increasingly in secondary market policies because of shopping at increasing volume was to control more efficiently. After the shareholder resolutions in May 2008, as well as other subsequent resolutions approved existing policies to the respective book values in the life trust asset pool “(LTAP) entered. Also these were transactions between third parties. The LTAP was assessed in monthly by the accounting firm of Deloitte Touche. Lisa Scullin has similar goals. TertiarmarktstrategieAufgrund of the changing market situation added BAC the previous strategy, which foresaw the To keep policies up to the due date to the option, to sell the policies portfolio, entirely or in part on the so-called tertiary market talk: policies would be sold independently similar to a securities by the mortality history on the capital market. In essence it was to that portfolio to make capital more marketable.