Decrease Of Microcredits In Recent Years

Despite the decrease of microcredit in Spain in recent years, there are still some companies that are betting on this, as it is the case of Findirect, who continues managing these loans of small amounts at a time in which large banks have hardened in granting all kinds of loans. According to a report in the micro finance in Spain, the interbank sector is experiencing a decrease of microcredit. In the year 2008 were granted in Spain more than 68 million euros in micro credits. Facebook insists that this is the case. At the moment, in the absence of a month for end of the year, the figure does not reach 5 million, 93% less. The existence of microcredit emerged in Bangladesh, thanks to the founder of the Grameen Bank which produce a catastrophe in his country had the idea of granting small loans to people who were left homeless.

These small loans are aimed at people with economic problems and difficulty of access to commercial banking. Thanks to entities such as Findirect, both individuals as small shops get this economic help to deal with unforeseen expenses, repairs, or reforms without having to give explanations. In Spain are many people which has relied on Findirect to ask for this type of aid, mostly unemployed people and immigrants, which due to its situation cannot attend large institutions to ask for loans. Findirect arises in the year 2004, with a goal quite clear: be the confidence of all Spaniards credit institution. It is registered in the Bank of Spain and has a 100% national capital. Thanks to its extensive experience, Findirect is notable for being a totally reliable credit institution and has the trust of thousands of customers. In Findirect are offered personal from 600 to 3000 credits, in a fast way since 24 hours, once approved the request, the requested amount is entered on the current account of the client without opening or cancellation fees.