Debi Select Group:

Investors switch out of risky equity investments: Debi select Fund is offered according to a latest study of the Federal Association of building societies want every second respondent do something for retirement in the coming months. Even the life insurance offered after another survey due to the security-oriented structure. The search for is a secure facility completely understandable given current financial crisis”, says Norbert Wagner from the Debi select group. Innovative systems, which also provide a corresponding safety potential, are often not known to many. Our Debi select funds with extensive capital security a fair return on their offer,”explains the Debi select financial specialist. Investors benefit from the selective business fields, because investments are made exclusively in factoring companies which, in turn, operate a business, are in fact in the capital losses. Debi select here indirectly participates in the factoring of life insurance, as well as value paper credits. Factoring of The repayment claim by the insurance company receives the previously insured with a discount immediately paid life insurance.

For the amount the insurance company itself, which here there is no risk of loss guarantees”, says Wagner of the Debi select group of companies. Factoring value paper loans the borrower paid off his credit immediately receives at a discount and publishes the securities to the security.” This may after the official investment criteria of Debi select generally those with A are only highly rated securities “-credit.” Implemented in closed-end funds, both business fields provide a manageable risk with correspondingly attractive returns. It is therefore to be expected that soon generic of system will find themselves. “Whether this performance, true to the motto: only where Debi select it says, also Debi select is in it”, according to offer can be, which remains in light to heavy copy structure questionable. Summary: The run out of shares in safe investments is considering the volatility of the stock market to understand. The Debi select group of companies offers to the possibility for utmost security of capital investors invest in attractive Fund. the Debi select Fund. Debi select group / FWS Verwaltungs GmbH the Debi select group has specialized in investments in the field of factoring by life insurance and value paper credits. For one, she participates in companies that ensure a professional factoring value paper credits with a high credit rating and on the other hand buy receivables capital forming life insurance companies. Factoring is a versatile financial services, used in particular by medium-sized companies from industry, wholesale trade and services sector in growing volume. The services offered by factoring company includes revenue matching funding and full protection against bad debt losses (security) as well as the accounts receivable management (Service).