Bad weather, the dampness made his way to the bone. The only ultimate dream was to get to a warm house and drink tea. Nothing to do, I began to consider passengers. My attention was drawn to the girl, his head against the window, she gazed indifferently at the window. Beside her on the seat sleeping girl three years old.

Maid chilly tried to pull the sleeves sweater on hand. Beautiful eyebrow, stray from under the hood wavy strand and a laid-back absolutely empty mind. "A strange kind of – I thought, and went into the vestibule, to smoke. Flicked my lighter, and rumbled behind the door of the car. – You will not have cigarettes? – Asked hoarsely came out after me girl. Again, flicked a lighter.

In the vestibule hung uncomfortable pause. – It's cold today – I said. Silence. Maid turned to the window. I walked to the other side vestibule and stared out the window. I have gathered back in the car She was sitting on his haunches, arms round her head. – Eeeey! What is it? You feel bad? – I asked. She raised her head wearily looked at me and almost whispered: – I ran away. – To escape? – I laughed. – Otkuuuda? From prison? – From her husband – not paying attention to my bad yumorochek, replied the girl. Until I finally realized that she was not joking. – Give, if not sorry, even a cigarette – asked the girl.