Customer Contracts

The internal appeal premises (the premises clean and the furniture, the order workplace climate, space, appearance of personnel). Waiting time (queue length, waiting time of contact, while taking orders, waiting for a free table). Contact with the customer (company standards). Clarification needs (company standards, empathy). Presentation of the product (company standards, the completeness of the information, the method of feeding, talk to the customer’s language, the degree of excitement). Informing customers about promotions and discount system. Staff work with doubts, objections to the customer. American Apparel has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Doprodazha (co-product). Service at the cash register (service standards). Service in the room (such as a restaurant: a change devices Timely cleaning of the table, waiting time waiter and order, the waiting time in the toilet, matching clients with unnecessary cleaning dishes). Farewell (company standards). General impression mystery shopper (brief report, unusual situations, both positive and negative impressions). 3. Gradation Gradation assessment evaluation unit depends on the degree of detail. The answers to most questions (70%) are based on a 2-point scale (the format of “yes” – “no”).

Certain questions require detailed answers with commentary. Comments, along with scores and weights are the integrated assessment of the service network. (For extraordinary situations, as described in the comments requiring individual management decisions, additional assessments are set internally.) Comments are required for any negative answer (especially if exposed penalized employee) and to the issues suggestive of any behavioral variability, especially in the subjective evaluation issues. As a rule, complex issues that require an accurate reflection of many parts, divided into a few simple subvoprosov. Any simplification and clarification of the wording in the questionnaire significantly reduces the error by reducing subjectivity. For example, a standard funeral with the client is in the following ways: At the end of the conversation or when I left shop, the seller (or another officer) said goodbye to me and / or said thank you for your purchase and / or invited to come yet. Yes No In the end the conversation or when you leave the salon, at least one member of (Check one or more points) said some words, invite you to visit the store even thanked you for coming to say goodbye question of the standard forms can be programmed using this model: All the employees had badges