Crisis Life Insurance

Tax advantages remain innovative products on the market – new pension insurance with capital voting rights and individual investment possibility in some cases has a crisis also something good: to emerge stronger from this. This is what happened with the capital, life and pension insurance policies from Liechtenstein. The PMS AG the specialist for individual insurance and investment solutions in Moors/FL – specializes in these so-called private insuring”specialized models and reports strong interest since the tax treatment of insurance contracts was finally clearly defined on the part of the German Treasury. Leading Liechtenstein insurance companies have developed now innovative products that meet the new legal situation in Germany. Liechtenstein life insurance companies remain privileged tax in the future. Cloud computing shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

They are a perfectly suitable and legally compliant means to avoid the withholding tax. The resulting tax deferral leads to the tax – and therefore a performance optimization. At the same time, private offers “Insuring” continue the proven, exclusive benefits for personal preparedness: tailor-made asset sharing free design and flexible change of high level of protection of privacy and property rights maximum flexibility in the disposition a highly innovative product is the PMS Board-plus “policy of Baloise life: a unit-linked pension insurance (one time payment) with deferred life annuity payment and capital vote. The pension payments begin at the earliest after the age of 60 years of the insured person and at least 12 years insurance period. What makes the Board-plus policy so interesting, is the right to choose between retirement and payment of capital, so flexibility is maintained. Also no contingencies must be protected with a pension insurance company as opposed to a capital life insurance which is reflected in a significantly lower burden of costs”, Claus Muller and Johannes Schlattinger, Managing Director of the PMS discuss AG.

A Another advantage, especially for the active investor: is the insurance premium (all funds approved for public distribution or installations that make up an index are) invests exclusively in mutual funds, no asset is required. The investment can be defined by the insurance company itself. Thus has the opportunity to put his own investment strategy without the additional cost of an asset management mandate to carry or without pay in an anonymous, often poor and lined with in-house Fund collateral of insurance”a seasoned investor, it brings Muller on the point. Of course also the internal funds or asset-management strategies according to the risk profile of the customers possibility to invest. The insurance contracted in this case”external asset experts who implement the strategies, explains Sagna. The Board-plus can insurance up to a maximum age of 73 Years to be completed. A health assessment is not required, except for the customer also wants a death benefit. Co-payments are possible as well as withdrawal or cancellation during the term. For more information and individual offers are available from the PMS AG (