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But on the other hand, bad: you have to pay for internet time (or traffic). In order to reach your account, you need to repeatedly reload the page of the site E-Gold. All data is downloaded via a secure protocol, so the security your investment, you can not survive. Never heard that someone got to hack E-Gold for her all the time really. Advantages of E-Gold are the same as that of other monetary systems: the urgency of payment, accessibility, convenience, the small commission.

In addition, this information can be read on an interesting site. Register for E-Gold Registration is free at. Reregistration process is not complicated and consists of several stages. On the home page click the link Create An Account. Now accept the license agreement. Registration page is divided into small sections. In the first field fill in Account Name (Account Name”) and Description (Description of Accounts”).

The names of the accounts will be visible in the operations of transfer and receipt of money by new users of the system. Describe the account is not necessary because go on the field User Name (User Name”) and Description (Description of the user”). Last not necessary, but this name will be visible in your operations. Then enter your contact information: your address, etc. Then, after that come up and re-enter the password (minimum length – 6 characters.) The password must contain both letters and numbers. Password desirable to remember or write down. In recent years the field will require special protective sequence numbers that appear in the next image (to prevent automated registrations.) All data are entered on English. Here I think we can digress and talk about how to write in English their own information. This knowledge will be useful to you in the future: the delivery of data on its the individual must register at all serious services: on the servers of internet mail, conferences and forums in various online stores, exchanges, betting, at registration hosting, domain parking, and so on. In if a Russian resource, the information can be written in Russian. But if you register at the foreign site, you must provide all information in English. The required filling out the registration form is of paramount importance when it comes to information that is necessary to transport you to some information by mail. For example, when you order online free of data it produces. Thus, contact name transliteration, that is in Russian with English letters. For the city, state, and the index in all registration forms have custom fields. Other problems will arise here. A loan is a flat, street, house must specify in the Address. For example: str. Kalinina, 17, Apt. 8 – Kalinina str, 17-8 And you can write and address of transliteration – will also be correct: ul. Kalinina, dom 17, kv. 8 (Kalinina str 17, apt.