Craniosacral Therapy

The practice of craniosacral trauma therapy by Anne Mohr-Bartsch informs the craniosacral therapy is a deep acting, manual, and at the same time gentle treatment method. Their origin lies in osteopathy. The craniosacral therapy aims to compensate for existing blockages by using certain techniques, as well as to release stress and tension of the fabric. This is done by means of slight impulses, as well as gentle pressure techniques, carried out by the therapist. The practice of craniosacral trauma therapy in hair informed about the origin and development of the treatment method. Osteopathy is located as a base and further development by Sutherland the origin of craniosacral therapy in osteopathy. in 1874 it was founded by the American physician Dr. Andrew Taylor still.

This developed into the craniosacral osteopathy W.G.. Sutherland the osteopath. Self tests, he found that all bones, tissues, and organs show a minimum equity movement in the human body. He could feel it on the basis of skull bone. Sutherland also discovered that these light Movements on a tide-like rhythm in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) are due and the an impaired rhythm can cause physical discomfort. Thus, he proved that the previous assumption that cranial bones are rigid, was not truthful. As founder of craniosacral therapy Dr.

John Upledger, an Osteopathic Physician and surgeon Upledger has continued the work of Sutherland and started to scientifically prove the existence of the craniosacral system and explain its function. About 25 years ago, he developed affiliated today applied and recognized craniosacral therapy. For detailed information about the craniosacral therapy practice for craniosacral therapy in hair is always available.