Correctly Set The Living Room

helpful setting up rules for intimate spaces home sweet home is home, it is the most beautiful. Man comes home after a long day at work and want to relax in your living room. So the relaxation but can be used you must feel, what the design of the living room plays a crucial role. To get this effect, one can get a great result quickly observing some rules of Merk. You feel uncomfortable in your own four walls is most frequently a disorder of the own sense of symmetry. The harmonic approximation of length and heights of the furniture and furnishings are an often simple means. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. The rearranging of furniture in a symmetrical relationship brings plenty of rest in the room picture and should first consider to be used for.

Also the consistency with each other is to observe. Too many different materials and their brightness and gloss values negatively also on the quiet sense of people, who reside in the area. Also go hand in hand the colors and patterns in the room. Also here should be taken on harmony among the colors and the amount of different color families for a relaxing feeling. Ideally, no more than two different colours, or colour families are used. This is true not only for the flooring and furnishings, but also the use of harmonious wall colors or wallpapers and extra furnishings such as photos on the shelf or a painting over the couch. It is advisable to use therefore more neutral wall decorations for their colour effects with the usually more elaborate decorative furnishings do not collide.

Also the light plays an enormous role in a balanced, comfortable room. Light sources quickly attract the attention and cause as an additional unrest. Especially side or excessive selective light excessively often occasionally attracts the attention. Indirect lighting effect here neutral and allows focus on the actually important decorations to create. These can emphasizes in addition it aligned light beam, which underscores their effect on this type. As the last and most important rule was to notice that as always, often less is more. Bring extra rest in the room by ridding it of excessive decoration and color use.