Cornelsen Editorial Director

Munich, April 24, 2009 – the Brainmonster studios have won a strong partner with the publishing house Cornelsen. After the award-winning training version “2weistein: learn to play training” since December 2008 was exclusively available at Brainmonster-online-shop, marketed the software in cooperation with the Cornelsen Publishing House for educational media, now also in the school context, in the institutional field of education, as well as in German bookstores. “2weistein is an educational game for home, education, as well as the therapeutic practice and extends the range of the German book trade to an innovative learning product. About the educational partners of Cornelsen all relevant institutional educational institutions and bookstores in all over Germany are reached and informed about this software. “, Ralf Jager, Managing Director of Brainmonster Studios GmbH.

Dr. Carsten Kindermann, pleased at Cornelsen Editorial Director for digital media, and serious games, adds: after our successful and acclaimed genius building simulations we desiring” “with 2weistein of Brainmonster our product portfolio perfectly.” 2weistein is for ADHD and dyscalculia but also to intensive practice in high school request: learn to play perfect training.