Cormac McCarthy

I understand that at the date of writing this review, is in draft, or rolling, a film based on this novel. Now I risk venture that far it will approach the literal content of the story.The author launches the story with a concise biography of a sixteen year old. And in the first thirteen pages more things happen and are more emotions than in many novels of three hundred.Violence like something everyday, as a fundamental part in the existence, in the sense of life. McCarthy recounts without fanfare, without emotion, aseptically, an unimaginable violence. It makes us remember that uncontainable and incomprehensible violence merges with nature without that this is inmute. Because life, beauty, violence and death are part of the same universe.The narration is recreated in landscapes and sometimes elementary psychology of the characters. Extensive and poetic descriptions of the Sonoran desert are interspersed with scenes of death and anguish. The dialogues are short, skimpy and a disconcerting precision.The Reader provides a linear narrative of the adventures of the young.

But curiously for a large part of the novel is explicit protagonist of the narrative. It disappears from scene while narrates the adventures of the secondary characters; However we always have him present, until once again appears as the main narrative character, without that at any moment we would have missed it or its absence would have been incongruous in the narrative structure.Worthy of mention is the character of the judge. To my understanding, the novel’s true protagonist. The judge is death. It is the essential choice that devours his supporters. If you participate in your game and banas you blood, he will ask the payment of the debt.

And nothing, nothing is not paying, it is worth. Who to iron kills iron dies.Perhaps some introspective passages of the thoughts and ideas of the judge are made more complex and difficult to understand at first reading. But Cormac McCarthy has the gift of the great storytellers. This gift makes that, while you’re reading, you realize that a strange attraction causes that do not want to stop reading.