Surely more than once you’ve heard the term wealth building. Probably when you do you’ve wondered, do but what are saying, perhaps wealth can be constructed as builds a piece of furniture or a House? So although it seems incredible, so is actually: wealth is built, and to do so is necessary to put into practice a series of exercises that should be performed with greater constancy. Everything we do in our life we do it because we have learned it, we may not have much aware of this because now we it becomes too easy to do, but if we do an exercise in abstraction and tried to remember how it was that we learned to do so or that thing, we’ll probably see that learning was not easy. The things that we we do best are the things that better, we learned, moreover, are the things that we put more effort to learn. Then have to build wealth is something that can be learned. In order to build a house or a piece of furniture it is necessary to have internalized knowledge pertaining to the topic, but, above all, it is necessary to have been dedicated to it with perseverance and focus. If we want to build wealth, thats what we need to do, only is question of learning. Now well, before even deciding to immerse you in a construction project of wealth, you have to have very clear reasons why you want to do it. This is your first step: want to be rich, perfect, but why? You must seriously ask yourself if you are persecuting the wealth itself or that persecute are certain goals that you can achieve once succeeded in economic well-being. This may seem something strange, you might be you saying, please, everyone wants to be rich!, and this is probably true, the problem is that being rich does not only means having lots of money.