On other occasions, we have outlined the relevance of some stories that have bequeathed us towards our spiritual growth. In this opportunity we will again invite the reader to stop reading that we have selected. In order to share it with the purpose that in something they can contribute towards her awakening, of stoking its light through where you travel in this dimension, while giving us the opportunity to stay light lawsuit darkness thought that light each day was stealing his higher ground and then decided to bring a lawsuit. So she did and came the day fixed for the trial. Light came into the room before came darkness. There was the judge and respective lawyers.

They waited and waited. The darkness was out of the room, but did not dare to enter. Simply, I couldn’t. So, the time passed, the judge ruled in favor of the light. Light is consciousness and wisdom darkness; unconsciousness and error are absence of each other; that’s all.

They do not have their own light. If you develop consciousness, how you can share the? same space unconsciousness? Cannot, as it could not darkness enter where was light. THE ASTUTE EREMITA was a hermit of very advanced age. His hair were white as the foam, and his face appeared furrowed with deep wrinkles of more than one century of life. But his mind was still shrewd and awake and her flexible body as a lily. Undergoing all sorts of disciplines and austerities, had retrieved an astonishing dominion over their powers and developed portentous psychic powers. But, despite this, it had failed to weaken his arrogant ego. Death spares no one, and some day, Yama, the Lord of death, sent one of his emissaries to you your should get caught to the hermit and lead him to his Kingdom. The hermit, with its developed clairvoyant power, intuited the intentions of the emissary of death, and expert in the art of ubiquity, projected thirty-nine ways identical to yours.