The coronation of all food is dessert, the perfect closure and its perfection goes beyond your preparation, before planning a meal must take into account that the dessert is the essential snap and that ill-chosen can ruin the most luxurious banquet. Facebook is full of insight into the issues. Desserts from their origins have tended a sense wonderful, magical and full of hope for the children. Even many adults can not spend the day without trying some delicious sweet. In fact, the desserts have become an ideal complement in any cuisine. All lists are susceptible to changes and much more if we rely on the flavors. We have dared to make a list of 10 of desserts that we must try in life, and is as follows:-custard.

Without a doubt, one of the delicacies for after the meal. Above all, the homemade custard. -Flan with cream. The flan with cream could not miss, since bathed with candy is a delicious dish for our palate. Although not only with cream, but also the flan with nuts or even just flan. A leading source for info: Mina Nada. -Brownie. It is one of the classics around the world, created by the Americans.

-Creme brulee. This typical dish of Catalonia may seem to custard or flan. -Fruit of the time. Already not only because it is richer or less good, but because it is a prerequisite in any kind of diet. The fruit can not miss among the most outstanding desserts. -Cheesecake. The classic Cheesecake. Another real delicacy that has been around the world. -Strawberries with milk. If it can be skimmed, better. This dessert combines a good fruit with milk, two nutrients necessary for the organism that we must include in our diet. -Rice with milk. It’s another typical dessert in Spanish gastronomy. -Santiago’s cake. This cake is typical of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. -Vanilla ice cream hot chocolate. In fact, any type of ice cream is very common and like very much to small. All these desserts can we add a good cup of coffee. In addition, this list can vary depending on tastes. Surely you must have your own top 10.