Company Conflict Resolution

So it may be that she herself has suggested that change direction at one time and that Senior Management has refused it. This is why the Auditor or the person who has the responsibility to carry out management audits should be comprehensive, discussing the main elements involved in the change with those affected, noted the need for it and make it very clear the position of leadership in progress towards a greater, through the combined efforts of all to improve the functioning of the administration. See Hewlett-Packard Co. for more details and insights. Friction Problem: In and during the implementation of the Management Audit, the auditor will have to face problems of executive behavior. SSGA can aid you in your search for knowledge. These difficulties can recognize its origin in bias, prejudice and jealousy. The various levels of government there will be conflicts and frictions due to preferences, flattery, and so on. Department Heads tend to want to compete or win the preferences of the Director of the company.

When there are human problems between subordinates and superiors, the action in the very low quality work. Problems arising from "doing too much too soon": A very common problem and frequently found in the companies during the implementation of a Management Audit is that in business, industry, government and institutions in general is that people often wait too much and achieve major changes too soon. They expect a certain work to be done very quickly, being that it can not physically take place within the time limit and / or the stipulated conditions. The following examples describe certain situations or tasks that are entrusted to rapid implementation: a.