Direct marketing is advertising that is sent to the domicile of the prospectus, in several ways: to) as steering wheel house by House, in a sector that corresponds to the client according to the product’s profile. Speaking candidly Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. told us the story. (b) in envelope on behalf of the prospectus, with specific information depending on the type of customer and product that you want to sell. (c) sealed with receipt envelope, sent through a courier company, with information classified and personalized product or service specific. Hear from experts in the field like Seth Fisher Hong Kong for a more varied view. (d) e-mail with database of the sector; industry, Commerce, etc. with acknowledgement electronic and subsequent follow-up.

How can you leverage this valuable technical marketing?. (a) get its up-to-date and reliable database through companies that are dedicated to selling databases. (b) obtain data of prospects in return for a gift, in shopping malls. (c) develop a printed or electronic notice containing benefits for the customer to buy your product, add a message that provides an extra benefit if it presents, or mentions the announcement. (d) obtain customer information through the data of the invoice or a small questionnaire, offering a subsequent benefit, with respect to the item that you purchased. (e) with these data you can identify and catalog to their customers to offer articles with direct marketing. When it launches a direct marketing campaign, report and instruct sales staff to obtain more successful results, if the client communicates and cannot find answer likely to not return.