Color Wallpapers

Paint Wallpaper long ago ceased to be the exclusive product in the stores that sell paint products. Modern consumers increasingly prefer high-quality domestic cleaner colors for wallpaper manufacturers such as "Vanguard", "Aqua", "Halo." Paints wallpaper form a smooth matte finish breathable, keeps its properties even when wet. Despite these undeniable benefits, emulsion paint has one drawback – they are available in white only. Give the desired shade of the treated surface will help add to the paint for wall color. Tinting system based on pigment pastes, such as "Collection" or "PalIzh" are universal, as well as mixed with water-dispersion paints, and with enamels.

There are also coloring paints purely for water dispersion materials, such as "Aqua" or "Halo." With satin color razbelov you easily will pick favorite shade of color schemes, as well as get white paint to wallpaper. Then, guided by the proportions of the breeding indicated on the packaging color scheme, gradually blending will generate. Do not forget to paint tinting prior to an experimental application on a small surface area, since the dry color can become more How to be saturated walls in your apartment? Of course, the simplest, most easy and fastest way to transform beyond recognition wall – is the use of MDF wall panels. This method is good because it does not require of large pre-preparation work: panel, you can close any old, rough, peeling wall. MDF panels (depending on the mother and its thickness) glued to a wall or mounted on the frame or directly to wall. In the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are essential in plastic panels. Panels that mimic fabric, tile, wood, stone, creating a wide choice for use in various areas. The only problem is this case – it's high enough prices. Most people with average incomes are old and well-tried way, preferring to various kinds of wallpaper. The more so that today the choice of wallpaper in our stores is very wide, and the price will satisfy both the most modest desires and demands of all those who are accustomed to high-beautiful and expensive wallpaper or simply paint on the concrete.