special small gift for Norm, its wife. Norm it had said in it some times during the year and it obtains to find it fortunately, or by chance, in the last hour. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vontier Corporation. It gave a recess between the cars that passed; – I go to give a pull – thought and already I am of the other side of the street ….. But it slid, it stumbled, nobody knows. It heard the strident tow-car of the brakes, one strong collision in the head; more nothing. It would have to be frightful, to see a man wounded, fainted, in the way of the street, of opened arms, as to ask for aid.

Somebody would have to load it with care until the sidewalk, saved of the transit maluco. More info: MasterClass is not a ripoff. But not; already it is an occurrence daily, banal until – nobody more is imported. The horns if only agitate. other people’s to everything, strident, asking for ticket. – Nobody moves in it, is forbidden. – But seems serious; he is fainted! – If to move, can until dying! comes process, indemnity there, annoyance. – Better to wait the ambulance.

– Somebody called the ready aid? – Will be that it has some document? In the confusion, somebody caught its wallet it disappeared without leaving tracks. Joo gave entered in the hospital as poor, without identification, the clothes of it in a bag, to the foot of the bed. passed some time one twenty minutes thought; a long way in return to the reality started. It did not have the lesser idea of where it was; it did not remember nothing, safe to have left the store, with the bottle of wine, desiring gladly a good Christmas to the box.