Choose Neuromarketing

The neuromarketing is a discipline in boom, a large number of authors exposed that it is the shape that will be sold in the future, many others presented his aberration to this type of handling of our brain and decisions. Here I’ll simply tell to you what it is. Taking to be human in their role of customer, the neuromarketing seeks to meet their mental models, representations, multiple intelligences, among others us returning the form of acting, thinking and choosing us. Knowing this we can better satisfy our customers and hold an exchange relationship in time. These times bring new concepts within marketing, starting from the basics, the consumer becomes a customer, an individual with power of choice that we select within the jungle of competitors and with which we have to build a relationship of permanence, of mutual exchange of knowledge. The neuromarketing brings precisely, meet our customer, but from his brain.

Before we talk about these techniques it is important to know the concept of neuroscience. The It is basically the study of conduct which is conceived to various stimuli on our nervous system. Before these studies it was believed that our brain was a beautiful black box before an action a reaction. Well, it is now known that mental processes can study and analyze the brain circuits that interfere before a stimulus. Achieving determine the characteristics that must have a stimulus to make that our brains do go through the circuit we want, i.e. do a stimulus that will return us a desired response, buy the product. Sounds a bit scary, as consumer to think that companies can deal with my emotions to such an extent that he cannot make the decision about which desires to eat at lunch. As ever with Coca Cola became says the legend-, this type of technique could be the ultimate subliminal messages.

Those who pass directly to our unconscious and deep mind and suddenly can not take that drink, or buy these candies but in reality do not We like a lot. The neuromarketing gives us amazing knowledge about our consumer, as a simple example, through these studies we can reply that I medium used to publish our warnings?, and as information will be reflected in the brain?. The radio, the media hearing govern short-term memory, as well as the printed stimulate areas of the brain that retain detailed information. Television is that generates important stimulations in memory to long term and to generate emotional responses. As comment in the title, it is known that the consumer takes 2.5 sec. make your choice within a supermarket, bone a place where we have five equal different brand products and the question is what stimulus we have to generate to detach the circuit that we choose?