Chinese Holistic Healing

In the Chinese view is better to have too little to have much, and things best left undone, that too much, then, but not go very far in this way, you are sure to be going in the right direction. The man who wants to go farther and farther west to the east end, those who accumulate more and more wealth to increase their assets will end up being somewhat poorer. Modern industrial society that is continually trying to improve "the standard of living" and this reduces the quality of life for all its members is an eloquent illustration of this ancient Chinese wisdom, this is the philosophy of Taoism. In addition, we have compassion for other people, feel a commitment to life, helping others, be humble, be good workers, being in harmony with nature to become more spiritual, more humble, it is not make great discoveries, but in our environment become better every day. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gary Kelly by clicking through. We come to earth to be processed and spirituality, which is our true nature will help us achieve this.

The following dialogue is "The quiet revolution through holistic education" I do Gallegos Dr Roger Prentice. (Founder of the Institute for Holistic Education in England) holistic education should not be construed as an academic discipline fragmented, but as a field spiritual knowledge and as such should be consistent with the actions and speech. Holistic education is transformative and is great support for educators and for there to be such a transformation must have direct experience with spirituality, as David Bohm says we must have the ability to communicate, work together, not try to impose our ideas others, the idea of defeat.