Chilies – Mild To Fiery

Chilis mild to fiery and getting healthy! Long known the pepper as a largely single spice to the sharpening of courts in Germany. Chilies were largely unknown, and even today they conquer the kitchen slowly. They are healthier and in all degrees of sharpness. The sharp ingredient, the capsaicin, makes some cultivars to the hottest by far spices of the world. So the scharste famous chili is called the bhut jolokia, also BiH jolokia world, hailing from India. With her should be handled with gloves. In low doses it is a brilliant spice. Capsaicin works only in mammals and is so healthy that there are whole series of medical studies.

All over the world chilies used since time immemorial but against the various ailments. The analgesic effect has been proven. The ABC patch of Beiersdorf AG contains among other things the capsaicin. It is used but also against chicken pox and shingles, and other fields are explored, so the application against psoriasis. In Chilies have always a good influence on blood flow and circulation. In addition they make happy, because endorphin is secreted by the sharpness.But not only as a condiment and for well-being the Fiery pods are used. They provide also the main ingredient of pepper spray to protect of the own person.

A cultivation of tropical plants is possible also in Germany. Chili perennials provide a wide variety of flowers and fruits, and are popular simply as eye-catcher. So it may well be, that you can buy a larger assortment of fruits in Germany soon. The author Hans Meyer in addition to his work as a journalist also writes on outdoor lighting with motion detectors.