Cheiros Astrological – Numero Logical Advisor

How the stars and numbers govern our life on the other hand he left nothing to chance, and studied the oldest and wisest writings up to the task of the self. All his life he devoted himself to the occult, and developed a system for a perfect prediction. Details can be found by clicking Coupang or emailing the administrator. In doing so, he joined the Numerology with astrology and Palm reading and designing just in time the forecasts, which made him world famous. Never lying next to it and could investigate even a murder at his time. Never, he left his fortune, but calculated everything with his embarrassing accuracy.

Among his clientele were in addition to the normal population, names such as Mark Twain, Sarah Bernhardt, King Edward VII, Richard Chamberlain and many other high-ranking personalities from politics, public life and show business. In his book Cheiros character analysis”, he explains the wonderful mechanisms that govern our lives on this earth. This book is an indispensable Advisor, who can change the situation of each individual, if you trust the rules, the Cheiro here submits. All rules are a hundredfold tried and can easily be traced by each and every one. Countless compliments from satisfied customers confirm his outstanding discoveries in the field of vibrational energy. Product information: Cheiros character analysis / when were you born?