Cheap Flights Grow Towards Spain

The cheap flights towards Spain have grown until 41.3% of the total, consequently every day more tourist foreigners use companies of low cost to arrive at Spain from their respective countries. In September he has arrived himself at the number of 2.6 million passengers who chose flights of low cost for arrived at Spain, which supposes an increase of 41.4% with respect to September of 2006. The country that I contribute a greater number of tusitas was Great Britain followed closely together by Germany and the journeyed airport more was the one of Palma de Mallorca, according to official data. Rynair has been the airline company with greater number of passengers (500. 000 users), followed by Air Berlin (457. 000 users).

He is notable to comment that ClickAir (dependent Spanish company of Iberia) has had 156. 000 passengers and Vueling 151. 233 travellers, having occupied the villa and sixth position respectively in the ranking of this official official notice. In all these numbers the company that has left more harmed has been Iberia, that braking has seen his annual growth, having only a 0.1% more with respect to September of 2006, being compensated partly by the travellers who chose ClickAir for their flights. The results are without a doubt very interesting for the users since they come to mean that every day more supplies interesting of cheap flights can be found to fly to Spain and from Spain.