Car Loan

These days, buying a car on credit very few people will be surprised. Russian banks offer a range of car loan programs: classic loan to buy a new car loan for a car with mileage, express loan, buy-back, factoring, car loan without insurance, etc. Finding your way in a variety of banking offers and choose the most profitable and easy auto credit to help us a leading specialist company FINAVTO – Denisov Ekaterina. – Your company is not the first year of providing services to purchase cars on credit. Frequently Rory Sutherland has said that publicly. During this time you have a lot of experience in this field. What kind of car loans you are ready to offer its customers? – In operation Our company tries to address the needs of all customers. That is why we are very careful approach to the issue of selection of car loan programs that offer retail banks. All the variety that we use credit products can be divided into 3 main categories: government subsidized loans, classic auto loans and avtoekspresskreditovnie.

– What is the fundamental difference between these categories? – The difference in principle "the simpler the more expensive." Avtoekspresskredity – the fastest and most convenient way to purchase a car using borrowed funds. Customer must be a minimum of documents (usually a passport and driver's license). Decision on such applications are usually made within 1-2 hours, and clearance occurs immediately after the approval in the showroom. Clearly, these loans are generally more expensive, the real interest rates on them (including commissions) of 16% per annum.