Brazilian Social Service

By | August 6, 2016

The Brazilian Social Service defends a proposal of universal social security, with redistributivo financing that burdens the capital and not diligent them. That is possible? It is enough to redefine the priorities, to institute one economic policy that is the service of the social necessities, to assure that the collection of all the sources destined to the budget of the social security is used in the politics of social security (health, providence and social assistance), to extinguish the DRU; to implement one politics of generation of job and income with steady contracts of work. It is enough to prioritize the work and the rights of the diligent classroom and not it politics of high interests and aid to the banks (CFESS, 2010). The Previdencirio Factor was instituted in 1999 in government FHC, mechanism that has as goal to stimulate the beneficiaries of the INSS to draw out the contribution time, and functions from a formula that takes in account the time of contribution of the worker, its age and the life expectancy of the Brazilians at the moment of the retirement. The previdencirio factor is a mechanism that inhibits retirement alone for time of contribution before the minimum age suggested of 60 years for women and 65 years for the men, how much Thus lesser the age in the date of the retirement and greater the supervened expectation of, lesser previdencirio factor e, therefore, minor the received benefit.

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