Bmcm Industrial Sensors

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology \”made in Germany\” Maisach/Munich – with over 25 new sensor types significantly expands the BMC messsysteme GmbH, longtime manufacturer of measurement technology \”made in Germany\”, their product range in the area of \”Sensors\”. Georgia Department of Labor is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Added high quality sensors for industrial applications and the special category of the strain gauges were high. In PC measurement technology, the selection of a sensor is the appropriate starting point for many to solve a measurement task. The measuring task is essentially to measure a certain physical size and to provide these values in digital form. So must in industrial production such as permanent conditions, such as temperature or humidity are recorded. Products of load tests, involving among other things elongation under load measurements are subject to in the test area. In scientific experiments, it is to measure required a wide range of physical sizes to make profound statements. You could count on numerous areas of application, but is clear from these examples, the variety of available sensors must be as large.

And in fact, the Sensorikangebot is confusing for many users. Even between types of sensors that measure the same physical size, there are significant differences in terms of design, quality and price range. Also, the user must ensure the compatibility to a measurement system or amplifier in between connected or transmitter. This problem has taken on the BMC messsysteme GmbH and compiled a range of sensors, which can be ordered at bmcm and can be fully used with their products from the fields of signal conditioning and data acquisition. So far this offer consisted of semiconductor sensors, active and passive \”sensor components\”, (SC series) and \”digital sensors\” (SD series) and (SI series) and \”Strain gauge\” (SG series) completed now the categories \”Industry sensors\”, which a wide range of measurement applications can be covered. ger/prgr sensors.html all sensors were tested at measuring systems and measurement bmcm amplifiers and can be easily used with these.