Bill Gates

With an innate need to possess useful things, I had pre-determine the range, so as not to lose time in vain. In this case, deals with the analysis of technology as it progressed, the functions of the device and how they will be useful to the user, the exterior of the product in order to avoid embarrassment in the use of some bizarre device. Since the time studying at the Academy of logic, I can say that this process of strategic thinking logical hundreds of other parameters, could well win the respect of any member of the fighting. And of course, central problem and challenge is to create a trusting partnership with the supplier of each product, gadget, ustroystva.Samaya best strategy is a simple question: "What is it? And this? And what are the functions in this gizmos? And what is this thing? Oh, and it still flies? No? Oops, it seems to run away? "Among the most interesting things you can see and" stimpankovskie 'clock, unique design and functionality of the amplifiers in cars, LED LED lights on a single, shining so brightly that it can be seen in light of the sun on the opposite side of the street, transforming the lamp, book lovers, a mini-radio-controlled models of machines (very, very small) radio-controlled helicopters, working on gas-MP4 watch, MP4 glasses, "iPhone" spy camera in a tie, sunglasses, watches, buttons, etc., detectors, bugs, and many, many, many, many other various gadgets. The first and the incredibly strong desire, seeing all this – "I want everything here and now!" in general for 8 hours not all look and feel, I think even half of the beat does not work, even if you do not drink or eat. And most importantly, of course, if you're not Bill Gates – not enough for all the money! It remains to recall another eternal question – for money. Yes, amidst all this there is an abundance of products from factories as well as with various factories, large and small.